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In order to improve employee productivity technology, business management skills , to enhance the overall quality of staff , the company according to their own development needs, according to the different requirements for staff at different levels and different training content . Our staff all have training opportunities to improve their skills. Depending on the phase of the work the company needs to take their own organizations or outgoing method selected irregular part of employees job skills , expertise and management training .

Staff education and training is the guiding ideology : the -job training and continuing education as the key to training to adapt to the reform and development company needs all kinds of talents as the goal, vigorously carry out professional staff moral qualities, scientific and cultural quality , professional technical quality and innovative training , sustainable development for the company to provide qualified human resources and personnel security . The company will gradually establish and improve the " training, assessment, use, treatment combining" competition. Adhere training before induction.

Company attaches great importance to vocational training for employees , have an excellent staff training system include: new employee orientation , job skills training, retraining , outsourcing training , training content -rich, diverse training methods , training budget sufficient for improving staff production technology , business management capabilities , to enhance the overall quality of staff and the corporate culture has played a catalytic role. For new employees hired into the business on the first day , the factory regulations distinguish between them of education, safety and security of the production process production three learning education, after examination , qualified only after the signing of labor contracts , after signing the contract , to make gradually adapt to new employees working positions by department and then be a period of three months of job skills training , lecturers from full-time lecturer, part-time lecturers , older employees , etc. mentoring training enables employees have sufficient buffer time competent job work , this company has also invested a lot of training resources , both to improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises , but also to meet the development requirements of individual employees , but also to promote the career development of staff .


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